How it all started

The Dream

Founder Ali Omar had a dream and was told why he was created. He awoke from the dream startled and not even a week later began to have downloads of various ideas / inventions. The idea to make eyewear was born.


Ali met his business partner and began building a blueprint to create Detroit's eyewear company. At the time, the company was called Prince Ali Inc.

meaning of the name

As Ali prayed (knowing Prince Ali Inc wasn’t the name) the name GODNII came to him. And over the next 2 years, the meaning came forth into Ali’s mind. GODNII means the following; The Blueprint of Heaven, GOD in eye, GOD & i, GOD in i. 


Ali met his first mentor, Stephen Proctor, and showed him woodworking techniques. Ali took this knowledge, as well as what he found online and began to prototype eyeglasses in his mom’s garage. Eventually, he and his business partner moved into a school in Southwest Detroit where they extended the prototyping. At this time, they did not have a MVP. There were angels and various other things about eyewear that they didn’t understand. They had eyewear shapes, but nothing wearable. 


GODNII found what makes us unique, which was making custom eyewear for the people of Detroit. Other manufacteres didn't carry the same spirit that GODNII have.


The first fully functional pair of glasses designed, produced, and assembled in Detroit was ready for the market. Throughout this journey, GODNII has gained hundreds of supporters in Metro-Detroit with a vision to become The Most Desired Eyewear in the World™.